Save for Your First Home with a Budget Wedding Menu

Weddings can easily become horrifically expensive

which can be the worst possible start to married life for the bride and groom. Most people would agree that just because a wedding budget is limited, it does not have to impede the celebration. With a bit of thought and attention to those little details, a wedding buffet can be perfect without expensive ingredients.

Naturally, like all things wedding, it certainly helps if the sun is shining and your guests are not hiding from bad weather and only finding solace in hot food! If you are lucky then pasta dishes and a good table wine will leave even the most fussy of guests content. One very creative solution is to provide a warm hearty pot of ‘al dente’ pasta with a variety of sauces. Guests will love it if you say that you are setting up a ‘pasta station’ equipped with parmesan, olive oil and any extras that will satisfy all tastes.

Similarly, you could also have a ‘soup station’ with lots of scrumptious add-ons, like croutons, parsley or coriander, for guests to sprinkle on top. If it’s a cold day, then why not simply serve up a hearty bowl of goulash complete with crusty bread and a spicy chilli sauce? With a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll soon satisfy your most favoured guests.

Another idea is that, just like in the old days, you have a ‘potluck’ wedding buffet where you invite trusted relatives or guests to bring a pot of food or a dessert dish. This can be a delicious way to feed the masses but needs a little coordination. It is necessary to avoid everyone making the same ‘new potato’ salad or having three competing Beef Hot Pots! Naturally, this only works with your closest aunts, uncles, or best friends. If you choose the right helpers, you may be pleasantly surprised by just how tasty this option can be. After all, good cooks like to hear how fantastic their favourite recipes taste!

One very clever solution is to hire a food truck. The main tip here is to organise a set menu to avoid any queues of hungry guests and simply allow the vendors to despatch the food from a given menu. Maybe you have a favourite Mexican food truck and can negotiate a deal with them to provide for a large group. Given the right vibe and attitude, this could make for a great party. Just make sure the DJ has some mariachi-flavoured music up his sleeve!

If all else fails, provide a table full of Cheese, salamis and olives. Most people love cheese plates and they can be great with a few glasses of bubbly. The cheeses will keep all your vegetarian guests very happy and a charcuterie selection can range from Italian sausage to Spanish Chorizo. If you can manage it, it’s amazing how good quality bread, especially if hot out of the oven, will satisfy the rowdiest of crowds!