Ensure Smooth Running with Simple Wedding Dishes

The greatest weddings are those where the guests feel at ease from beginning to end. Part of this is ensuring that there is no sense of panic that certain foods will run out or that you are lucky if you receive your food warm. The truth is that there are so many things that can go wrong and some of them will.

So, when considering how to satisfy your hungry guests you should aim for foods that pass the taste test, are relatively simple to prepare, and that will also hold up over an extended period.


If you want to keep to the rules of simplicity then a well-made soup is a great way to start a meal. The choice of which soup depends on a few main factors. The greatest logic to apply is working back from the main or most important dish.

Soups come in many guises, ranging from a light consommé to heavier thickened meat and vegetable winter styles. So, you must also bear in mind the season and potential weather patterns. If it’s a summer wedding it’s probably wise to offer your guests something light, perhaps even the classic minestrone. A clear soup like this means that it is easy enough to serve and has a wonderful sense of occasion too.

Main Courses

For main dishes, the most straightforward options are usually standards like ‘beef bourguignon’ or‘coq au vin’ as these should improve in taste with time.

One of the reasons these dishes crop up all the time at wedding events is that slowly cooked poultry or beef is perfect for serving and can withstand heating up over several hours. The aroma from rich meats cooked in wine is also very appetizing.

If you are aiming for a wedding in the high summer then consider a ‘Quiche Lorraine’ as these can be made to order and served both hot or cold. The great thing is that this French classic party food can be made with or without bacon. The old saying ‘real men don’t eat quiche’ doesn’t apply when the sun is shining and the Sauvignon Blanc is chilled to perfection. This can, naturally, be served with so many enticing side dishes. Whether you offer green salads or potato salads on the side there are so many variations that work well.


Desserts can really seal the deal, so to speak, as your guests will be craving a little light sugar energy after all the speeches! An ice-cream style dessert will keep most people happy or consider the vintage ‘Eton mess’ for ending the meal. With the combination of summer fruit and cream there will be a few fans of this type of finale to an extended lunch or dinner. If you don’t want to serve in individual bowls, then why not consider a wedding trifle with lots of strawberries and whipped cream to please. The younger guests will love you for it!