Classic Wedding Foods for Every Course

If you can offer all your guests a few small bites as soon as they arrive at your reception, the room will suddenly become filled with a cheery and convivial atmosphere. Whether you serve canapes, tapas or similar small bites, some of these classics will keep the fussiest of guests happy.

What about scallops wrapped in bacon? Or, if you feel a little old school, why not try a slice of black pudding for a nice peppery savoury contrast? Alternatively, how about the full-on flavours of well-seasoned crab cakes made as small as you like for a delicious side next to a glass of fresh prosecco? If you want a more down-to-earth seafood starter, you can’t get any more classic than a prawn cocktail in puff pastry. Just make sure everyone is served before the food vanishes!

You will now see your guests relaxing and chatting away, but they are also looking forward to a choice of main courses. Some of your guests may have travelled a long way to reach your wedding, so you need to make sure they are well fed and energised for a bit of a boogie on the dance floor! The mains are the first thing to consider when menu planning, as it is quite a nice idea if the starters and dessert courses somehow tie in with the flavour direction of these. One general truth is that chicken, beef and fish are the most popular culinary choices for all these big events.

Chicken main courses may sound like a boring safe choice, but without a doubt, they are one of the greatest ways to feed a wedding party. One of the all-time wedding classic plates is Chicken Cordon Bleu. There is something very satisfying about the combination of tender chicken breast stuffed with ham and melting cheese that would in fact, feed an entire army!

If you want a beef dish, then you can’t really go too far wrong with rib of beef slow-cooked in red wine or why not offer a tenderloin with all the trimmings? It is a generally accepted fact that beef dishes are always one of the biggest hits at receptions. One reason is that these cuts are the happiest left to rest and can work well with the most robust of sauces.

If you want fish, then look no further than fresh salmon or sea bass, as these can be both grilled or poached and will serve large numbers quite happily. With any seafood, it’s all about having some contrasting side dishes. Lemon, garlic, capers and parsley should all be used in abundance. One factor that will help your budget is to ask your supplier in advance what fish will be most widely available at the relevant time of year.

Naturally, we must end the meal on a sweet note! Allow some time for selecting a baker to provide a wedding cake that allows you to choose flavours that don’t just satisfy but satiate. Of course, chocolate, vanilla and lemon are the real classics to consider when designing this essential end to a perfect celebration!